My Story

WUKAR Fit is founded on the principle that a strong body and a strong mind are the same thing. My belief is you can not have strong thoughts with a weak body. Ignoring one for the other will stunt true growth. There are no shortcuts, there are no hacks. The work is the point. Work hard and work smart. That is the WUKAR way: Wake Up, Kick Ass, Repeat.

WUKAR Founder Art O'Connor

My Background

A WUKAR Fit plan is designed to challenge you and force you to change your perception of what is possible. Any meat head can make you sore. I want to make you strong. We train for performance.

WUKAR Fit was founded by me, Art O’Connor. A lifelong athlete, I was introduced to strength training as a junior skier growing up in Maine. After a successful high school skiing career I walked on the track team at the University of Utah, where I took my passion for athletic performance and completed a degree in Exercise and Sport Science. Upon graduation I threw myself into mountain bike racing and was a member of the legendary SoBe/Cannondale Pro team.

Along the way I have won NORBA (now USAC) National Races and 20 state titles in mountain biking, cyclocross and road racing.  WUKAR Fit is the culmination of 30+ years of training and racing.  My knowledge and experience is hard won. I have made a lot of mistakes and learned a lot of lessons along the way. Let me save you from making a lot of those mistakes. If you are in  the Salt lake City Utah area I do personal training sessions. If you are not in the area I can design your programing remotely via Training Peaks and Skype.


Working With You

While I do work with athletes, I find it immensely rewarding working with anyone who wants to take charge of their health and work hard.  As an example, one of my students lost 179 lbs over the course of 18 months. 

If you are ready to level-up your health, then let’s talk.

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Our Training Goals


Get Strong

Our aim is to make you as strong as possible for your body size. Strength-to-weight is what we are concerned with. Strength is a skill and must be learned. You will be strong.



Life is an endurance sport. We want you to be able to perform at a high level day after day. Endurance is the foundation of strength.



You should be able to move your body quickly and efficiently over a variety of terrain.



Being injured sucks. Our plans incorporate strength training, mobility and core strength (Core is not just abs!) training to make your body powerful and pain free.


Mental Strength

Your brain will respond to training just like muscles do. Our workouts will require you to be mentally strong and resilient.



Above all else, we never stop.
Wake Up, Kick Ass, REPEAT™.