Team WUKAR Intro

WUKAR is the name of my personal training business. If you are looking for that blog just click the logo above. If you are looking for information on Team WUKAR and Dubli this is the right place.

My name is Art, I am the creator of the WUKAR brand. Team WUKAR is the creation of Matt Trainer, he is a marketing and technology genius. I am happy and proud to lend my brand to this project. I have never done nor never considered working with a direct marketing company. That is until I found Dubli. Dubli is customer driven and not distributor driven. I would never approach my friends and family with some overpriced weight loss shake to have auto ship every month. I do tell them all about using Dubli as a customer because they can join and get the benefits for free. Also as a customer they are never exposed to the direct marketing side of Dubli. Most Dubli customers just use the cash back and have no idea they can join Dubli as a business builder.

My friend Matt is a marketing legend and all around genius. He has made millions online and off-line in a bunch of different markets. When he told me he was dropping everything (things he is already making 7 figures a year in) to do Dubli I knew this was different and I knew it was something I had to do.

6 weeks ago (today is Oct 2, 2014) Team WUKAR did not exist. Since then it has grown to over 2100 2700+ members and has generated over $3.5 $4 million in revenue! Team WUKAR is the fastest growing team in the 11 year history of Dubli. Matt has made it his mission to create more millionaires than Microsoft.

The approach that Matt is taking will change the direct marketing industry forever. He has over 200 people working on software that will automate a lot of the work. We are going after over 26 BILLION keywords! The scale of this is massive! Even with our current team of 2700 we are under staffed! This is huge.

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