So I guess the first question is: what was the January Challenge? Well, to be honest I didn’t make it public because I really did not think I could make it and I was too lazy to write about it until the 7th. By then it seemed too late and I deleted the draft. So anyway, I decided to go meat free for January and I actually made it! I know it would have been better to announce it in advance but I really did make it. It was surprisingly easy — there was only one time when I let myself get super hungry that I really went Hannibal Lector over meat. Even then, I ate my veggie burrito and mostly liked it. I don’t plan on going full vegetarian but, it was interesting in that I never felt like I needed meat. Going forward I plan to do monthly challenges. (Like updating my blog?)

Things I learned:

* Indian food is your best friend if you are trying reduce meat consumption.
* I expected to lose a ton of weight, I didn’t lose any.
* I expected to have low energy and endurance. I felt great, had plenty of energy to train.
* Lunch is the easiest to go meat free. Dinner is the hardest.
* Lots of vegetables means lots of fiber…. You can figure the rest.

WUKAR Kettlebells

Kettlebells all lined up

So for this month I am committing to a hard goal of 100 kettlebell swings a day and a soft goal of 300. Why the discrepancy? Well, I am hoping to get a lot of miles in on the bike this month and on my recovery days I think it is best to not over do it. 100 is a good number for the recovery days (unlike 100 burpees, that is a whole other story) as it won’t tax me and I can get some blood flowing to help me recover. I don’t plan on doing them all at once. I will likely break them up into sets of 20-30 throughout the day. KB weight will vary. On recovery days I may only use a 12kg, and I don’t plan on going above 24kg. After all I am a skinny cyclist.

RKC Kettlebells are WUKAR approved
Order Russian Kettlebells


Here is a quick summary and video review of the RKC kettlebells. I have been using kettlebells in my winter as well as my cycling in-season maintenance program for a few years now. The are also a big part of the programs I design for my WUKAR Warriors.  On thing I have noticed is that not all kettlebells are created equal.  As I mention in the video I am partial to the RKC brand from Dragon Door. They are the guys who really got the train rolling in the USA about kettlebell training.  The things I look for in selecting a kettlebell are:

  1. Mate finish. No enamels that are slippery and flake off.
  2. Round grip on the handles. Makes the swings more comfortable and give a more secure grip.
  3. Wide handle for two handed movements and easy transitions in one handed movements.


Another great source of kettlebells

Onnit Primal Bells


The Group WUKAR

December 17, 2013
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Zion National Park

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WUKAR Training

August 14, 2013

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